X Shift Gearboxes: Elevating Racing Performance since 1999

Experience precision engineering and unmatched performance with X Shift Gearboxes. Established in 1999 by František Macho, X Shift Gearboxes has become a leading provider of high-performance racing gearboxes and drivetrain solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in the racing industry, X Shift Gearboxes was founded to meet the demand for durable, high-performance gearboxes in motorsports. Racing enthusiasts and professional teams alike sought gearboxes that could withstand the challenges of high-speed racing while delivering outstanding performance. X Shift Gearboxes was born from this necessity, combining years of engineering expertise with a relentless pursuit of quality.

At X Shift Gearboxes, every gearbox is a masterpiece crafted to perfection. Their team comprises highly skilled engineers and motorsport enthusiasts, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of quality, precision, and durability, spanning from Subaru and Mitsubishi gearboxes to the best sequential gearboxes available for the GR Yaris.

X Shift Gearboxes’ commitment to quality has earned global recognition. Hundreds of racers worldwide trust our gearboxes to deliver exceptional performance on and off the track. With a continuous focus on innovation and growth, X Shift Gearboxes has expanded production capacities by 20% annually, meeting the evolving needs of racing professionals and enthusiasts.

Explore our range of high-performance gearboxes and drivetrain solutions designed to unleash the full potential of your vehicles, and contact us today or visit our Web Shop to discover how X Shift Gearboxes can elevate your car’s performance on and off the track!

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