Custom Built Rally Cars and Technical Support

Esko Reiners Motosport is a well-known name when it comes rallying. Our expertise extends to building and servicing rally cars, providing technical updates, and offering custom built ready-to-race rally cars.

With over three decades of experience in rally racing we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions that elevate your rally experience. Whether you’re seeking a competitive edge or a thrilling rally adventure, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen.

Based in Central Finland, our team operates in the heart of rally country, where the passion for motorsport runs deep. Our services are tailored to rally, combining everything from custom builds to rally tests and technical support. We also offer professional engineering, mechanics, and drive training.

Contact us if you want more information about our rally offering or you have a personal request!


We provide skilled engineering services for both electronics and comprehensive car setup, tailored to suit various driving conditions.


Our mechanics are experts with years of experience, ensuring professional and top-quality work on your vehicle.

Drive Training

Enhance your driving skills with our expert instructors. We provide personalized training sessions designed for both beginners and experienced drivers, offering different cars and driving conditions.

Rally Events

We provide support for thrilling rally events tailored for drivers of all levels. From beginner-friendly events to advanced challenges, explore diverse terrains and improve your skills with expert guidance.


Experience high-performance testing tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive testing services cover various aspects of vehicle performance, ensuring optimal results. Whether it’s track testing or rally tests, we provide a complete package so you can focus on driving.

Rally School

Our expert instructors offer tailored training for beginners and advanced drivers, focusing on all aspects of rally driving. From mastering techniques to improving your skills on different terrains, our rally school provides a comprehensive learning experience to help you advance in rally racing.